Sunday, 4 September 2011

Introductory Blog

As a third year painting major at the National Art School I am in the process of resolving my studio work for my painting and drawing classes and completing my Art History and Theory subjects.
Throughout the year my studio work has been primarily focused on the industrial buildings located on Sydney harbour's Cockatoo Island. This island has been the site of a range of industrial activities from the early stages of colonial settlement through to the end of the twentieth century. The island's history is reflected in the diversity of its architecture, with structures ranging from sandstone colonial era buildings to modern industrial spaces. It has been the depiction and interpretation of these industrial spaces which has driven my artistic practice throughout the year. My work has developed from initially being quite representational into work in which there is a much greater focus on the analysis and abstraction of the formal elements within the building. While the focus of my work throughout the year has been quite narrow, as yet not moving beyond the images I have gathered while on Cockatoo Island, I have maintained my interest in the subject matter and am continuing to find new ways to develop my practice.

Here is the website address for Cockatoo Island

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